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Our History

The appraisal divisions of Tarin, Coon & Lucco and Frank J. Lucco and Associates, Inc. have recently affiliated with the nationwide professional appraisal company of Accurity Qualified Analytics, LLC. This affiliation has allowed us to expand our service area from Houston to include Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and now nationwide. Whether we function as an expert witness, develop a forensic review, assist in estate planning, provide appraisals for mortgage financing, or as a residential consultant, we offer the credentials, specialized knowledge, integrity, analytical skills and educational background necessary to expertly assist our clients. The problem solving advice generated from our senior real estate strategists can bring simplified solutions to complex real estate matters.

Frank J. Lucco and Associates, Inc., established in 1985, offered appraisal and consulting services to our valued clients in the form of well supported, credible professional reports. Our experienced appraisers and consultants have analyzed markets in Boomtown and Bust Town.

Tarin, Coon & Lucco was one of the most respected real estate appraisal and consulting firms in the greater Houston area. Founded in 1954, the firm offered over fifty years in the practice of real estate appraisal and consulting. The company was originally established as E. I. Tarin & Company, later became Tarin & Coon, Inc., and in 2003, was purchased by Frank J. Lucco to became Tarin, Coon & Lucco, while still associating with Kathy Coon.